Zero Tolerance

The CIGHA organization insists that players, parents, coaches and board members follow the Grievance procedures as presented. All Grievances will be routed directly to the Rules & Ethics committee and disseminated from there.

At no time will CIGHA tolerate intimidation of coaches, officials or other parents/spectators. If any person that is a member of CIGHA is found to have confronted another individual in a threatening manner including but not limited to: yelling, swearing, intimidation, bullying, physical contact or bodily injury a grievance form will be submitted and processed.

In addition, CIGHA will investigate all situations involving parent/fan violations of the "Zero Tolerance Policy". If the situation was found to be a violation of the policy, a warning letter will be issued from the Board of Directors to the offending person or persons. This letter will outline the offense and stipulate possible consequences for any further violations. These stipulations could include, but are not limited to, verbal reprimands, written reprimands, game suspensions, season suspensions, and termination from CIGHA with no refund for season fees. Individual appeals will be conducted through written request to the Rules and Ethics committee. 

The procedures are as follows:

1. Cooling off period - 24 Hour Policy. There are to be no spontaneous grievance related conversations immediately following a game or practice. Players and parents agree to wait at least 24 hours after a game or practice prior to initiating a conversation with a coach, coordinator or board member. Coaches, coordinator and board members agree to not participate in any conversations where the grievance procedure has not been followed.

2. Grievance form. Prior to any conversations being held between a parent and a coach, a grievance form must be completed by the parent using the link at the bottom of this page. The CIGHA Hockey Director and/or President will be responsible for delivering the form to the coach after initially received by the Rules & Ethics committee. This will allow the coach the opportunity to be prepared to discuss the issue.

3. Parent/Coach Meeting. A member of the Rules and Ethics committee (coordinator) will contact the coach and the parent and arrange a time to meet with the parent and player (if appropriate) in order to resolve the issue. Both parent and coach agree to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully at all times. All meetings will be expected to have a neutral third party* present to act as a witness to the meeting.

4. Director Involvement. In the event the issue is not resolved to the satisfaction of the parent, coach or both, a meeting will be scheduled with the CIGHA Hockey Director, the parent(s) and coach in order to resolve the issue.

5. Rules and Ethics Committee. In the event the issue is not resolved, the coordinator will bring the grievance to the Rules and Ethics Committee. A meeting may be scheduled at the request of the parent. 

6. Board of Directors. In the event the issue is not resolved, the parent may request a meeting with the CIGHA Board of Directors.

*Neutral Third Party is defined as any member of the Board of Directors or the Hockey Director of the organization who is not a coach on the affected team.

To file a grievance please click the link below.

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