Our affiliates have officially signed an actual pledge of support document that assures CIGHA that their organization will encourage their female hockey players to not only play hockey in their organization but will also support and encourage those same girls to dual roster in the CIGHA organization.  All affiliates have signed the below pledge or something very similar...

Pledge of Support

for Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association

In recent years there has been an unfulfilled interest in fostering an opportunity for Central Illinois girls to participate in a competitive travel hockey program in a “girls only” format. There have been many perceived obstacles identified by potential sponsoring organizations from a lack of available ice time to a desire not to compete with the other travel teams for limited resources. Therefore, a need arose to establish an organization founded to meet the needs of our Central Illinois girls to fulfill their hockey dreams in a “girls only” format. For this to occur, we need the support of all Central Illinois Hockey Programs to allow the girls in their programs to participate as a member of the Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association. 

To that end, the undersigned association hereby pledges its full support for the Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association and will allow any female hockey player who is rostered with its association to similarly be rostered with the Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association to the extent that she meets its eligibility requirements.

Dated: ___________________________                By:________________________________

                                                                                   (Name of Association)


                                                                                   (Name of Individual Signing)


                                                                                               (Authority for signing)

Current Affiliates

Thank you to every organization in Central Illinois that has pledged support!

  • Bloomington Sharks Hockey Team (MCYHA)
  • Bloomington Youth Hockey Association (BYH)
  • Decatur Youth Hockey Association (DYHA)
  • Pekin Amateur Hockey Association (PAHA)
  • Pepsi Ice Center Hockey Association (Bloomington)
  • Springfield Youth Hockey Association (SYHA)
  • Champaign-Urbana Youth Hockey Association (CUYHA)
  • Danville Youth Hockey Association (DYHA)
  • Peoria Youth Hockey Association (PYHA)
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