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    Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association Inc. (NFP)

    Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association Inc. (NFP) is organized and operated to promote and facilitate recreational All-Girls hockey in Central Illinois. The mission of the organization is to promote teamwork, physical fitness, leadership and education as it pertains to female student athletes. It will strive to educate the community on the rewards, benefits and life lessons of playing hockey from an early age through adulthood. The organization will help promote the advancement of women’s hockey through financial support, education and events. 


    Birdie's For Charity

    By Douglas Kent 07/02/2019, 9:30am CDT

    Please Act Fast!

    Greetings Revolution Families and Friends!

    We have an incredible opportunity to raise some funds and help support our favorite hockey organization…however the clock is running out and we need to get our shots off quickly!

    The "Great" News: We have been admitted as a charitable organization, eligible to participate in the Birdies for Charity program, associated with the John Deere Classic PGA Golf tournament being held July 8-14. 

    The Birdies for Charity® program is a fundraising vehicle through which participating organizations like ours, solicit pledges from supporters based on the number of birdies made by PGA Champions Tour players during the John Deere Classic.

    Participating charities receive every single penny of the donations from this program, Plus, the tournament takes its profits each year and delivers a second check from between 5% and 10% of that charity’s final total to make the deal even sweeter. There is not a better way for you to help your favorite organization (Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association, Bird #2259).

    The "Not So Great" News: The pledge forms need to be in East Moline, Illinois by Friday, July 12. If you choose to participate (and we hope you do) we will need you to do one of three things:

    1. Print and fill out the attached pledge form (Our Bird # is 2259). Once completed mail to the address on the form, in plenty of time to reach the East Moline address prior to July 12th.
    2.  Print and fill out the attached pledge form (Our Bird # is 2259). Once completed, hand to your favorite revolution player, coach or board member by July 10th, so they can be combined and mailed to the tournament office to arrive by July 12th.
    3. Go online to (Our Bird # is 2259)

    We know this is short notice and we apologize for that, but please consider participating in this amazing opportunity to raise funds for our favorite ladies and the organization which helping them follow their dreams! Who knows, you might even win a 2 year lease on a Lexus (I know I hadn’t mentioned that before…download the attached pledge form to learn more!)

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    The Amateur Hockey Association Illinois was founded as the  governing body of Illinois amateur hockey in 1975. During that  season, AHAI was recognized as a sanctioned affiliate of USA Hockey which was appointed by the United States Congress as the governing body of American Hockey.

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    Central Illinois Girls Hockey Association Inc. (NFP)

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    USA Hockey provides the foundation for the sport of ice hockey in America; helps young people become leaders, even Olympic heroes; and connects the game at every level while promoting a lifelong love of the sport.

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    IHOA strives to maintain a uniformity of rule interpretations and to create a better understanding between the on ice officials, coaches and players. Our goal is to develop more efficient officials, maintain the highest standards and to provide a forum for discussion and a medium for the dissemination of information on hockey and its rules. The purpose of IHOA is to register hockey officials in the State of Illinois for the purpose of improving the quality of amateur hockey officiating in the state.