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Revolution Logo and Name!

By Doug Kent, 06/29/16, 8:15AM CDT


Revolution Logo and Name!

Hello Revolution Families,

The Board of Directors have feverishly been working to finalize our Jersey colors and logo designs.  We wanted to give a full vote to the organization on what we were going to be choosing however due to the short amount of time we have had and the condensed schedule we have been working under to get the organization up and running a full vote was not possible.  We did some straw polls with some of the members and the girls that will be participating to see what made the most sense. 

Everyone has been very patient with the determination of colors and logo and we appreciate it.  Several factors went into the decision to use the colors we ultimately chose.  The Board of Directors  were thinking about the struggles of our organization to even be started and flourish for the girls.  This type of movement in the female realm of sports is not to say we should have our own organization just to have it, but to say, look at how we play the game, how we care about the game, and how we care about a future for our game we love. That is the idea behind the name Revolution, not the idea of taking anything by force by our belief we are right.  This reason is why we chose to create a brand new color scheme rather than go with a Patriotic scheme of Red, White and Blue and using a soldier to portray that.

Hopefully everyone will fall in love with the logo and color scheme chosen and will get behind the direction that the Board of Directors have chosen and why we chose this direction!